Importance of Central Air Conditioner Tune Up Maintenance in Upper East Side Manhattan, NY

In some parts of the country little bits of spring are beginning to pop up in the weather forecast. Here in New York we still have a good chunk of winter left but we need to start thinking about preparing for spring. As we all transition from winter to spring it is important to take care of having our air conditioning unit maintenance done. Here at NY NJ AC Connection we can come out and service your unit but there are also some things that you can do on a regular basis.

Change Air Conditioner Filters in Your Home

One of the things you can do as a homeowner is change your air filters on a regular basis. How frequently you will need to change your air filter will depend on what type of air filters you purchase for your home. All different air filters need to be changed at different intervals. When your air filters are not clean your air conditioner cannot run effectively. Dirty filters will increase your energy bill.

What is Involved in an AC Tune Up?

You will also want to have a professional technician do a maintenance check-up on your unit twice a year. Maintenance calls include checking the coolant, pressure, thermostat, wiring, connections, capacitors, relays, fans, motors, blades, and then also make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly. When your unit is in good condition it will help your air conditioning unit run more effectively.

Lower Air Conditioning Operating & Repair Costs

When your air conditioning unit is running more effectively it will cost you less money to operate. Units that are not in good condition have to work harder to keep your house at a comfortable temperature for you and your family. If your unit does not have to work as hard it will not cost you as much money. Having a technician come out and routinely look at your air conditioning unit will reduce the amount of repairs that are needed on your unit. If your air conditioning unit is properly maintained the need for service calls go down by up to 50% when compared to air conditioning units that never have maintenance performed. When your unit needs repairs it can be an expensive service call. The cost of the maintenance call will pay for itself if it can save you money in repairs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioning units that are in good condition help the indoor air quality of your home be better. When your unit and filters are dirty that dirt will get into your home and reduce the indoor air quality of your home. This is a large problem is you have anyone in your family that suffers from allergies or asthma. Poor indoor air quality makes allergy and asthma symptoms increase.

Increasing the Life of Your Central Air Conditioning System

Taking excellent care of your air conditioning unit will also increase the life of your air conditioning unit. If you can keep your unit running for as long as possible you will have to purchase a new one as soon. The cost of a new air conditioning unit is very expensive so you will want to prolong yourself from making that purchase for as long as you can.

Central Air Conditioning Tune Up Maintenance in Greater Manhattan, New York

If you are ready to schedule your air conditioning maintenance call give NY NJ AC Connection a call today. You will want to make sure that you get it scheduled before spring gets here. Contact us today!

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