Airflow & Central Air Conditioning Efficiency in Hell’s Kitchen, NY to Prevent a Breakdown

You may be having airflow issues in your home if you’re experiencing hot or cold spots, pressure imbalances, little to no air or your AC is blowing warm air. These problems should not be ignored because they can lead to a compressor failure. You will almost always need a new unit when the compressor fails. Luckily, there are ways to fix airflow problems to prevent a system breakdown.

Why is Central Air Conditioner Airflow Weak?

1. Thermostat issues. If you’re lucky the problem may be as simple as a faulty thermostat, or even a low battery.
2. Blocked vents and registers. Make sure all the vents and registers in your home are not blocked in any way. This problem happens more often in office settings when no one can agree on the same temperature and start placing items over vents and registers.
3. Clogged air filters. The filter has an important job. It removes dust and debris from the air so it can’t get into your equipment and air ducts. Airflow is impacted negatively when filters become clogged and dirty and can also damage the system. Change air filters as often a need to keep them clean.
4. Obstructed AC condenser unit. This part of your HVAC system is located outside or in a room. If it becomes obstructed by outdoor debris or stored items, it can overheat from decreased access to air.
5. Dirty air conditioner coils. The condenser coil is important and needs to remain clean. Its job is to release the heat that is removed from your home. It is also located outside and can get dirty, causing the unit to work harder and impacting airflow.
6. Sluggish air conditioning fan. Your system has blower fans that move air through the ducts in your home. When one or more of the blowers slows down, it can impede the airflow and cause problems.
7. Low refrigerant levels. When refrigerant leaks, airflow problems will begin, and you’ll have reduced cooling. If the leak is slow, the decline will be slow. Have an HVAC technician preform an inspection to look for leaks.
8. Blocked or leaky air ducts. When dust and dirt buildup in the duct system it will affect airflow. These ducts are narrow and don’t need to get smaller from any buildup. The ductwork can also develop holes and cracks and cause air to leak out.
9. Oversized AC unit. An air conditioning unit that is too large can cause problems. The motto “bigger is better” does not apply with AC units. Units that are too large will cycle on and off too often and will not run long enough to remove humidity.
10. Outdated air conditioner design. If you’ve done any renovations recently, your HVAC system may not be designed to properly heat or cool your home efficiently anymore.

Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Repair, Replacement Services & More in Manhattan, New York

Airflow issues can be caused by many things. Lots of these issues can be taken care of on your own as part of preventative maintenance. You can also have an HVAC technician to have your system inspected to improve the HVAC airflow in your home. Give NY NJ AC Connection a call today.

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