How to Prepare Central Air Conditioner to Not Be Used for a Long Time in Washington Heights, NY

As Manhattanites and New Yorkers prepare for the fall and winter season, many home maintenance steps are frequently taken around the abode. As New York is no stranger to cold winters, the locals tend to be vigilant with the outdoor accommodations their home requires to better protect it from the abuse winter offers. As the temperatures continue to decrease as September starts the fall weather, we become less and less dependent on the air conditioner. Some of us have used it less and less and too soon, we will be moving onto the central heating. As you prepare for autumn, now is the best time to prepare your air conditioning system for fall in its off season.

1) Air Filter Maintenance

Depending on the type of your filter, you need to replace or clean it throughout the year. This maintenance step is one of the simplest tasks for homeowners, but it is also the most commonly forgotten. When the filters’ capacity is filled to the max, the airflow is restricted, causing unnecessary strain on the HVAC system, which leads to higher operating costs as well as frequent repairs. The filters need attention, at the minimum, once every 3 months, however, those with pets, people who smoke indoors, and those who are prone to asthma and allergies should have their filters changed or cleaned every 4-6 weeks.

2) Thermostat Modification

With cool nights and cooler mornings fall brings, it is important to set your smart thermostat or programmable thermostat to reflect the reduced temperatures.

3) Clean Air Conditioner Condenser Unit

The condenser unit is the unit outside your home. By summer’s end, the unit is often layer with dirt and debris that should be gently cleaned off, be careful to not bend the fins. Also, the clutter and landscape foliage creeps in on the unit, which can impede performance. In addition to cleaning off the dirt and muck, be sure to trim back the grass, pull the weeds, and prune the trees that are too close. The unit needs at least 3 feet of clearance whenever applicable and no less than 1 foot. If you are uncomfortable with cleaning the unit, many professionals typically include it in the maintenance services.

4) Professional HVAC Tune-Up Service

If you did not get the AC tune-up service in spring, its important to get it done now, at the very least, an inspections service to ensure there are no serious concerns. However, with a full HVAC system tune-up, you can ensure the air conditioning system is serviced in addition to the heating system to prepare for its use as the cool temperatures grow closer. During the tune-ups, technicians clean, lube and replace any worn parts. The performance and safety features are evaluated, and all the electrical systems are managed as well. Be sure a reputable expert is providing your HVAC system maintenance services.

Central Air Conditioning & Heating HVAC Tune Up Preventive Maintenance Services in Manhattan, New York City

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