How to Keep the Rooms in Your House Cool in Summer Without AC in Washington Heights, NY

When the summer is underway most people are excited for the warm temperatures. It is fun to spend time outdoors and to get some sun. It is a great way to spend the day but not unless you have a place to get home and cool off. Before air conditioning was in every home in the US people would go to the movies because the theater had AC and it was a way to get out of the heat. Although it was a break it only lasted as long as a movie. The better option was to open up AC to all residential homes and people getting the chance to have it at your own house. Now it is far and in between to find a house without it, but that does not mean that there are not times when the AC goes out. You want to make sure that you have some ways to cool down if you are stuck without AC. While you are cooling off you want to call out an HVAC company to come and make the necessary repairs.

NY NJ AC Connection Outlines How to Keep House Cool when AC Goes Out

Block Sun Heat from Windows: We all know that throughout the day the heat will rise. The coolest part of the day is right before the sun starts to rise. That is because the heat from the sun that occurred the day prior has to stop and that can take a while. The sun is your worst enemy when you are trying to stay cool. That is why a shady tree looks so enticing in the middle of the day. To keep the sun out of your house you want to make sure that you utilize your blinds and shades. Keep them pulled closed tight and leave them that way. The heat will come in through the window to create a hot spot that will increase the temperature in your home.
Fans Make You Feel Cooler: If you are sweating and want to cool off you might grab a sheet of paper and start to fan off your face. This works to cool the sweat that is on your face and body which will help to cool down your body temperature. You don’t want to sit fanning your face all day which is why using a standalone fan or a ceiling fan is the way to go. They will help circulate the standing hot air and cool you off at the same time. You can make an even larger impact if you turn the ceiling fan backwards and allow it to pull the hot air up instead of pushing it down on you.
Keep Hydrated: Lastly you don’t want your body to have to work harder than necessary. If you want to keep your body cooled off you can make sure that you are hydrated. When your organs have the right amount of water they are able to work with ease. This can help to keep you cooled off so have some cold water close by.

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