Effects & Problems Caused By Dirty, Clogged Air Conditioner Filters in Midtown Manhattan, NY

One of the most basic HVAC maintenance procedures is changing air filters. It is also one of the most neglected. The filter helps to protect the lungs of your HVAC system and plays a vital role in your HVAC system’s health. When the filters don’t get changed, they affect your heating and air conditioning system in many ways and all of it in a bad way. NY NJ AC Connection will share all of the affects of dirty air filters to help prevent future failure of your HVAC system.

Clogged Air Filter Symptoms & Problems

Poor Air Flow – The filter’s main objective is to prevent airborne particles from flowing into the HVAC system. If pollutants get inside of your HVAC system they can begin to accumulate and build up inside the units. This can cause a number of different problems. Filters become dirty with pet and human hair, dirt, pollen, and other forms of debris which is why it’s important to change filters often. Once a dirty filter is left untouched your HVAC system struggles to circulate air throughout the home. Never operate the HVAC system without a filter or additional problems will occur.
Poor AC Efficiency – When the filter becomes dirty the unit must work harder to circulate air. The air conditioning or heating system works longer to circulate the air and meet the targeted temperature. The result is a higher energy bill due to poor efficiency.
Short Cycling – When either the air conditioning unit or furnace/boiler stops in mid cycle and before the targeted temperature is met, this is known as “short cycling.” A dirty or clogged air filter can cause or trigger an early shut down of the unit. This occurs when stagnant air accumulates within the system which begins to heat up. To prevent over heating of the HVAC system it will automatically shut itself off. When short cycling occurs, the temperatures within the home can become unpredictable and also cause higher humidity which leaves your home uncomfortable.
Frozen AC Coils – During the summer season or better known as A/C season is when the air conditioning system suffers the most from dirty filters. One common problem due to dirty air filters is when the evaporator coils freeze up and gets covered with ice. When ice builds up on the coils it causes the air conditioning unit to seize up and stop working. This happens when cold air gets trapped inside the unit due to poor circulation. This is most likely caused by dirty air filters. This is a common problem that many homeowners encounter in the summer time which can be avoided by keeping the filters changed and fresh.
Poor Indoor Air Quality – One of the major complaints with dirty air filters is poor indoor air quality. Especially those with allergies or asthma feel the effects of dirty air filters. When a filter becomes dirty, less of the air pollutants get removed from your home and remains air born. When you change your filters, more of the pollutants get captured in clean or fresh filters which result in better air quality.

Air Conditioning Services in Manhattan, New York

How often filters need to be changed will depend on your home traffic. Pets, kids or larger families result in more frequent filter changes. When your HVAC unit is exposed to more dirt, then the filter needs to be changed more often. It is recommended you check your filters once a month for a full year; write a log of when they needed to be change and how often in each season. This will help you find a good schedule. NY NJ AC Connection hopes that every homeowner remembers to change their filters to help prevent future failure or damage of the HVAC system. For all of your HVAC needs, contact NY NJ AC Connection today!

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