How to Clean Outdoor Central Air Conditioning Condenser Unit in Washington Heights, NY

Many people do not realize the importance of having the outdoor unit cleaned as a part of regular care and maintenance for your air conditioner unit. Particularly on the cooling fins, the outdoor unit easily collects dirt and debris on the surfaces. The unit’s performance is hindered, resulting in increased operating cost, energy usage and reducing the efficiency and expediting the wear and tear when the outdoor unit is overburdened with grass clippings, leaves, dust, and dirt. Located inside the outdoor heat pump unit is the compressor and condenser. A primary element to help the system dissipate heat more efficiently is the condenser fins. The hot refrigerant gets sent to the outdoor unit once the heat is removed from the indoor air through the refrigeration cycle. To release heat energy to the outside air, the condenser fan will assist in blowing air over the outdoor coils. In the event the outdoor unit is clogged, and airflow impeded however, it will take a lot longer for the refrigerant to release the heat. In an effort to help your air conditioning work more effectively, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to share how you can clean the outdoor unit.

Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance Schedule

While wasting energy and money, the air conditioner only takes longer to cool down the home when the unit is over encumbered with grit and grime. Especially so on hotter days, the air conditioner could overheat and breakdown. Reducing the likelihood of breakdowns as well as managing the performance and energy usage, professional maintenance is essential for your air conditioning system. Where the technicians clean the outdoor unit in part of maintenance services, you should have it cleaned in between maintenance services, either do it yourself or contact a professional for a cleaning service. Below is the DIY method to clean your outdoor A/C unit.

Outdoor Central AC Condenser Unit Cleaning

You will want to gather the following: vacuum cleaner with the soft-brush upholstery attachment; air conditioning coil cleaner, the manual can help you select the right one; gloves, eye protection, pants and long sleeve shirts, as well as a ready garden hose equipped with pressurized nozzle attachment. Outdoor unit cleaning steps:
1) The electrical disconnect found in the metal box on the outside of the unit, commonly on the exterior wall will need to be flipped off. Be sure the thermostat is switched to the “off” position.
2) When you open the electrical disconnect, be sure it is switched off, as we as possibly cutting the power with a pullout switch or a circuit breaker shutoff. Ensure it is set to the “off” position, and/or pullout the plug.
3) While wearing protective gloves, clear away the bulky debris.
4) With the vacuum hose and the soft-brush attachment, delicately remove the debris from the condenser fins being careful to not bend the fins.
5) Afterwards, remove the residues from the exterior by using the water hose and pressure attachment.
6) Administer the coil cleaner according to the directions.
7) For about 10-15 minutes, let the cleaner foam and bonds with the dirt on the coils.
8) Rinse the coils well with your garden hose.

Central Air Conditioning Services in Manhattan, New York

The exterior unit should be cleaned twice a year, ideally at the start of spring and at the end of summer. No matter if you take on the job yourself or hire a pro, the outdoor unit needs a good cleaning. For air conditioning cleaning and/or maintenance services, call the qualified experts of NY NJ A/C Connection and let us do the rest.

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