Bad Central Air Conditioner Outside Unit Condenser Fan Motor Symptoms in Harlem, NY

The air conditioner is a huge part of the comfort of your house. You want to make sure that your home is nice and cool during the spring and summer. The temperature of the house has a major impact on how you feel. That is why it is important to know when there is a problem with the AC unit and what you can do about it. The condenser is a main part of the cooling process and one aspect is the condenser fan motor. This is all part of the exterior component of the unit. It is usually outside of the house either on the side or in the backyard. The condenser fan needs a motor to be able to work and function the way that it was intended. There are several problems that your condenser fan motor might come up against. NY NJ AC Connection outlines what could be causing your condenser fan motor to stop working.

Condenser Fan Motor Getting Too Hot & Overheating

The motor that is there to move your fan on the condenser is a moving and functioning part. That means that it needs to be a part of the air conditioning maintenance. The biggest reason that a condenser fan motor overheats is when this aspect of the care of your AC unit is skipped. One part of the maintenance is to lubricate all the working parts. If this is not done the motor can star to collect dirt and dust and that can cause the motor to gum up. This then leads to the motor overheating and that will then stop it from working. The other reason that your condenser fan motor can over heat is that simple fact that it is too old and it is no longer able to freely. If you suspect that your condenser fan motor is overheating it is best to call out a professional that can repair or replace it.

Condenser Fan Motor is Faulty

The other issue you might be up against when you are dealing with the condenser is that it can become faulty. The motor is intended to work and last as long as it is well maintained. If the motor is stopping or it is not working the way that it should it could be from a faulty part or connection. All the connections need to be tight and if there is one that is lose you can end up with a motor that is not working. The faulty motor often has to be replaced by a professional.

Central Air Conditioning Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Repair & More in Greater Manhattan, New York

There are some times you are not sure what the problem is with the AC unit. The best way to know what the cause is to hire an HVAC technician. We can come out and if the issue is with the condenser fan motor we can repair or even replace it. This will get you back to cooling your home in no time. NY NJ AC Connection can come out to your house and inspect your HVAC unit and make any necessary repairs. Call today!

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