Causes of Air Conditioner & Furnace Fire Hazards in Manhattan New York; HVAC Preventative Maintenance & Tune Ups are the Answer!

Keep Your HVAC Unit Fire Hazard Free

Homeowners should take every step necessary to keep their home safe and secure. One of the biggest and most overlooked hazardous appliances for the home is the HVAC unit. Your HVAC unit provides you and your family a great deal of comfort throughout the year, whether it is keeping your home warm during the cold nights or providing a cool escape from the extreme heat that is so present during the summer months, your HVAC unit works hard all year long. It is important to have your HVAC unit inspected at least twice a year to prevent any type of hazards that can happen.

Keep Your Home Safe through Scheduled Furnace & Air Conditioning Inspections

Your heating and air conditioning equipment can become a major fire hazard without regularly scheduled maintenance. Maintenance on your HVAC unit performed by a NY NJ AC Connection professional is essential to keeping your home safe and protected from any chance of a fire occurring. Your HVAC unit should be cleaned and tuned up a minimum of once a year. Regularly scheduled tune ups can eliminate debris, which can easily set on fire. Regular tune ups can also assist in diagnosing any malfunctions that could potentially start a fire.

Do not Ignore Your Furnace During the Hot Times of the Year

Your electric or gas furnace needs at a minimum yearly inspections performed by a NY NJ AC Connection professional to ensure the safety of all components. Leaking fuel lines or cracks in your furnace’s heat exchanger can cause dangerous carbon monoxide gas to enter your home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely dangerous and can lead to fatal outcomes. Safety switches need testing and combustion needs to be checked to ensure your furnace is working safely and efficiently without any major or minor malfunctions.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Can Also Cause Fire Hazards

Most homeowners would never associate their air conditioning unit with any type of heat. Your A/C unit provides your home with comfort by pumping cooled air through your vents and makes your home a comfortable escape from stifling heat outside. The leading factor in residential air conditioning fires is a short circuit. Your air conditioner works hard during the summer and a unit that is undersized for a home is at more risk for overheating and becoming a fire hazard.

Contact NY NJ AC Conditioning today to schedule a tuneup for your HVAC unit in Manhattan New York and prevent any potential fire risks.

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