Air Conditioner, Heat Pump & Heater Humidity Problems in Manhattan NY; Humid Air Makes Your HVAC Unit Work Harder Requiring Emergency AC Repairs this Spring!

How Does Humidity Affect Your Heating and Air Conditioning?

When people talk about humidity they usually think of the effect it has on the weather outside. This is a big part in determining how the weather outside will feel and what you can expect. This is also part of your life when using an HVAC unit. The amount of humidity in your home can affect the way that your unit works. It can cause it to have to work harder and make you feel hotter than the temperature really is. There are some things that you can do about it by talking to a technician at NY NJ AC Connection. Contact us today!

NY NJ AC Connection explains how humidity affects your heating and cooling units.

How Does Humidity Affect My Air Conditioner: When you are running your air conditioner it is usually in the summer months and that is also the time of year that humidity levels are up. The summer months are hot and made to feel even hotter with high humidity. The air conditioning unit works to reduce the amount of humidity in the air so when the levels are up quite a lot, the harder the unit has to work to try and keep the air cooled. If the levels are too high the AC unit may not be cooling the home anywhere near what you want. Some signs that the humidity is too high in your home are fogged up windows, musty odors and feeling moisture in the air and on furniture. You can have a dehumidifier added as a part of your unit to help combat the humidity and to keep the unit working efficiently.

How Does Humidity Affect My Heater: The funny thing about humidity in the winter is that it has the exact opposite effect on people. The more humidity in the air, the colder you are going to feel. Humidity is moisture and if you can imagine being wet out in the cold air; it would make it feel much colder! The same thing goes for the inside of your home. If the humidity is too high the heater will have to work hard to heat the house up to a comfortable level. The harder it has to work the more it will cost you and the more energy you will be using.

If you want to ensure that your air conditioner and heater are working efficiently and are not being bogged down with humidity call NY NJ AC Connections in Manhattan New York today.

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