Boiler Won’t Ignite or Not Working in Washington Heights, Manhattan NY? Troubleshooting Guide

In the Greater Manhattan, New York area, many homes are being heated with the help of a boiler. It is essential that your boiler is up to the task when we experience plummeting temperatures this winter. You don’t want to be in need of heat to find that your boiler isn’t working. If your boiler isn’t running like it should, NY NJ AC Connection is here to walk you through some simple troubleshooting that can be done before you call in the professionals for help. With any luck, one of these minor problems is the culprit and you will be back up and running in no time.

Always Check & Test Thermostat First

When you aren’t feeling warmth filling your home when you expect it, the first thing you need to be checking is your thermostat. Some homes have several zones and have a zoned system; these customers should go to the main thermostat to check the settings. You should have the thermostat set to the heat setting. Sounds simple, but you would be surprised at how many people think the heat has been turned on, to find out later it hasn’t. Not only should it be turned on, but the temperature should be set higher than the current temperature to see if the heat will kick on.

Boiler Circulator Pump Troubleshooting

The next place you should check is the circulator pump located inside the boiler. If you place your hand on the side of the boiler, you should be able to feel the motor running and it should be warm to the touch. If this isn’t the case, you may need to check the breaker that supplies the boiler with power. If the motor is running and it is extremely hot, there are several issues that could be the problem like the motor, pump itself or even the run capacitor is the problem. These problems are best left to the professionals. If the power is on and the motor is still not running, the you could have an issue with the circulator relay.

Boiler Pilot Light Won’t Ignite or Stay Lit

If you can get your pilot light to ignite, but it won’t stay lit, you may need to have the pilot assembly cleaned. The flame sensor could also be dirty or the thermocouple could be bad. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for your boiler to clean the pilot assembly is important. If you don’t feel comfortable handling the problem on your own, wait for professional help.

Boiler Heating Services & More in Manhattan, New York

There are several issues that often arise with boilers. If you are having problems getting your boiler ready for winter, the experts at NY NJ AC Connection can help you get it up and running. Don’t wait until your home is cold to make sure your boiler is ready for winter. Having a member of our HVAC crew come and perform annual maintenance on your boiler will alert you of any possible problems and give you peace of mind that when you go to turn that boiler on this winter, it will be ready to provide you with the heat you need. Call us today!

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