Why is One Room Hotter than Others in My Lower Manhattan, NY House? Wrong Size Central AC & More

Having a room significantly warmer than the rest of the house is something many homeowners are familiar with. In an effort to cool the one room down, they notch down the thermostat, only to find the rest of the house is freezing and the one room is still uncomfortably warm and now they also have an increased energy bill for their trouble. There could be a few issues causing this phenomenon and we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to share the potential culprits, so you can efficiently resolve the issue.

Why is My Room Always Hot & Stuffy?

Generally, the warmer room compared to an otherwise comfortably cool home is due to heat leaking in or cool air leaking out, or central air is not removing the warm air sufficiently. To remedy the problem, you may need to get the leaks properly sealed or make some repairs to your central air, or even both. We will explore both potential problems below.

What Causes Air Leaks in My Home?

Typically, a room that consistently feels warmer than any other part of the home is likely being enveloped by warm air. There are a few common causes to warm air leaking into your home. Inspect the common sources listed and if any are the source of the warm air leak, get them repaired as soon as possible.
1) Inadequate insulation. Insulation contains treated air and prevent outdoor air from coming inside. If there is not enough insulation in the walls or unfinished attic spaces, the warm air is seeping in. If the insulation is uneven, the warm air outside can still leak inside, which is why the one room could feel warm where the rest of the home feels comfortable. Inspect the insulation, if it looks thin, you need more, keep in mind, each climate requires a different, for example New York would need R60.
2) Appliances that generate heat. There are some appliances that can put out a lot of heat, mini-fridges for example can produce a lot of heat.
3) Aged windows. Contributing to contributes to 10%-25% of your heating and cooling bills according to experts, is the energy loss from old windows. Because heat can pass through your windows, to avoid such, upgrade to double-pane windows with a Low-E coating. The double-pane windows improve your home’s efficiency and the low-E coatings are a sort of radiant barrier that contribute to reducing heat transfer through the air. Also if you can see daylight or feel breeze when they are closed, you may need some weather stripping.
4) Walls that face west. Rooms on the west end can absorb a lot of heat from the beating sun, especially the walls featuring windows. Planting trees strategically along the west wall, but not too close to avoid damage to structure and foundation as the trees continue to grow. An awning or covered patio on the west wall will also shade the wall and help cool things down.

Common Cooling System Problems

Below are the common issues if the cooling system to blame for the warmer room.
Air conditioner is wrong size: It is not one size fits all when it comes to air conditioners. Air conditioners are fitted according to the square footage of the livable space. An A/C unit too large prevents the cool air from distributing evenly through the home if it is too small.
Poor ductwork: A room can feel room when the treated cool air is not being dispersed properly if the airducts are leaking, disconnected, or damaged. If the ducts are not insulated, the cool air can be lost before it reaches the furthermost rooms. The design could be at fault or the installation could be poor, or simply age and wear.

Central Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement Services in Manhattan, New York

If you are experiencing difficulty and having trouble finding the source of the warm room issue, call the experts of NY NJ A/C Connection and let our specialists assist you.

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