Why Furnace is Not Heating in Midtown Manhattan, NY; Cracked Heat Exchanger, Broken Blower Fan Wheel & More

When you have a furnace running all day but you are not finding the room or home getting warmer, there is a problem with the furnace. Determining why a furnace is not heating the home is never a simple task. The failure to create heat can be due to a number of different reasons or causes. NY NJ AC Connection will share what can cause a furnace to fail and when to seek professional help.

DIY Furnace Troubleshooting for No Heat

When a furnace first fails to heat up the home it is best to seek out the simplest problem first. The first step is to check the home thermostat and see if it is has been placed on the wrong setting or switched off. If the thermostat is in proper order, then check the gas supply line to the furnace and see if, for some reason, it got shut off. At times the gas supply lines are shut off, especially when a new appliance is installed. In some cases, the gas supply line was never turned back on. Another simple problem is the vents have been closed. Make sure all of the vents are fully open. Last of the simple problems that can cause a furnace to fail is the air filters. The air filters play a major role for both the furnace and air conditioning unit. They help protect the internal system from dirt and other particles in the home. When the air filters become compacted with dirt, the air can no longer flow freely through the filter. The restriction of air flow can cause the furnace to overload and shut down. Additionally, a dirty air filter can lead to premature wear of the furnace leading to expensive repair or replacement. If the furnace is failing to heat the home, check the air filter.

Cracked Heat Exchanger or Broken Furnace Blower Fan Wheel

If you couldn’t recover the furnace with these basic fixes then you may have a bigger problem which may require a professional HVAC technician. One cause for a furnace to fail is a cracked heat exchanger. When a heat exchanger cracks it can’t create heat properly. Should this happen, not only will your home stay cold, it can also become full of harmful gases. A heat exchanger produces carbon monoxide gas which is dangerous and even lethal. If you hear a furnace running but it is not producing warm air, it could be due to a cracked heat exchanger. Turn off the furnace and contact a HC repair service to check the furnace and ensure your home is safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. Other reasons why warm air may not be circulating throughout the home is a broken fan. The fan or its motor could have broken down and require replacement or repair. If the fan is not working then the warmed air can’t circulate. This results in a cold home and a high heating bill. If your bill is going up and your home isn’t heating up, contact a repair service.

Emergency Furnace & Boiler Heating Repair Services in Manhattan, New York

When a furnace or boiler requires repair this winter season, contact NY NJ AC Connection and schedule our services today.

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