Why Does My Furnace Smell Weird in Manhattan, NY? HVAC Dirty Sock Syndrome, Musty Odor & More

A part of the home’s HVAC system is commonly a furnace. The furnace is responsible for making the home warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. With all this wear a smell or two is bound to pop up on occasion. Where some smells may not be a problem, others can indicate a serious issue. Today, we at NY NJ AC Connection would like to list the common furnace smells and what they likely mean.

Why Does My Furnace Smell like Burning Dust?

One of the most common smells is the burning dust. You’re likely to smell something akin to burning dust when the furnace is turned on for the first time in a season or two. Its literally dust burning off the system if you are curious what this smell is. This is nothing to be concerned about. Generally, after the first use of the season this burning dust is a common smell should dissipate.

What Does it Mean if Your House Smells like Burning Plastic?

The furnace parts are, by design, made to withstand a ridiculous amount of heat. However, there are a few parts that when they get old and begin to fail, they can overheat. Being a possible indicator that a part in your furnace is overheating, should you smell something like burning plastic or metal coming from your vents, you need an immediate response. Be sure to turn off the HVAC system and contact a professional as quickly as possible.

Is Rotten Egg Smell in House Dangerous?

Natural gas is the most common source of fuel for furnaces. The downside is that natural gas is incredibly flammable, but the great thing about natural gas is that it can power so many appliances. Natural gas is odorless and to ensure it is noticeable if a leak occurs, gas companies add a chemical to the gas itself to give it a sulfur or rotten egg smell. Because if inhaled, it could lead to a litany of health issues, the gas smells are very strong. You need to take it very seriously if you smell rotten eggs or sulfur in your home. Turn off the system, call an expert for immediate repairs.

How Do I Get the Musty Smell Out of My Furnace?

The heavy smell of mold and mildew is obvious. Smelling this in your air vents is never good. It’s time to call the HVAC professionals if the smell of mold or mildew starts to permeate your home. A mold or mildew smell means fungus has found a home in your ductwork usually. Because prolonged mold exposure can have serious health repercussions, you would want to get this taken care of as soon as possible.

HVAC Dirty Sock Syndrome

The smell of a gym is very distinct, and we could pick it out anywhere, even in our own homes. it’s not the laundry piled in the corner, if you ever realize your home smells like gym socks or a locker room, it could be your furnace. This smell could indicate that bacteria is growing on your furnace’s system coils. Your coils tend to get cold, then they heat up quickly during the transition from AC to furnace season. Even if you haven’t been to the gym, it’s time to call an HVAC professional if your home does reek of gym socks.

Emergency Furnace Repair, Inspection, Tune Up Maintenance, Replacement & More in Manhattan, New York

If you are noticing strange odors from your furnace, call in the professionals of NY NJ AC Connection and let our certified experts assist.

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