What Causes Uneven Cooling or Heating in a Manhattan, NYC House? Blocked Registers, AC Unit Size & More

Where one room feels comfortably cool another will uncomfortably warm, New Yorkers often notice uneven temperatures in their home. Being a major indicator that something is wrong with the cooling system this is nothing to brush off. As to why you are experiencing uneven temperatures inside the house, there are quite a few sources that can be the problem. The culprit to the uneven temperatures is what we at NY NJ AC Connection would like to stress today.

Can Rooms Be Different Temperatures Due to Return Vents?

The registers that you see around your home are the return vents are the at the tops of your walls. The allergens, dust, pollutants, and dirt collect, just like other surfaces. In order to open pathways of air into your home can be easily done by using a vacuum’s hose to clean up the dirty intake vents, reducing the allergens and pollutants that make their way inside.

Does the Temp in My House Fluctuate Due to Air Filters?

In a number of ways, the overall efficiency of the HVAC system can be impacted clogged air filters and the air circulation plays a major role in distributing cool air. To maintain comfort, the leading HVAC specialists recommend replacing your air filters every month which prevent the poor air circulation. It is highly encouraged to ensure the air filters are replaced being that it is the simplest maintenance step homeowners can do.

Can Blocked Registers Cause Uneven Cooling or Heating?

Due to layers of dirt and grime that is compacted on the surface, closed off fins, and furniture or clutter blocking their venting path, the vent and supply registers frequently become covered. Make certain to check on the vents and supply registers every so often and clear away furniture and the clutter in order to help the airways circulate. The cool air can get evenly distributed throughout your house when the cool air is allowed to circulate.

Uneven Heat or Air Distribution Due to HVAC Unit Size

Air conditioning units are not a one-size-fits-all appliance though a common misconception. When the unit is too big or too small, there is a lot of discomfort noticed. The home cannot adequately be kept cool if the unit be too small. The operating costs and higher energy use and monthly bills should be the unit be excessively large.

Does Poor Ductwork Cause Too Much Temperature Difference?

As they deliver the cool air and it requires the ducts to be specifically designed and sealed for efficiency, the individual areas of the house are cooled off by the air ducts. If the air ducts are damaged, leaking, inadequately designed, or blocked from dirt buildup, proper air flow can be easily obstructed. When the insufficient air ducts are neglected and the cooling systems performance declines, you waste a considerable amount of money and energy, and the home’s comfort levels drop. A professional HAVC system service provider can help to evaluate the air ducts and discover any needed repairs or replacements and to improve the air ducts efficiency.

Central Air Conditioning Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Emergency Repairs, Replacement, Tune Up Replacement & More in New York, NY

There is something wrong and needs a professional from NY NJ A/C Connection to properly remedy the situation if your New York home is having uneven temperatures. Call us for all your HVAC needs!

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