What Causes AC Fan to Stop Working in Lower Manhattan, NY? No Power, Bad Contactor, Loose Belt & More

Working in harmony, there are dozens of components to make your central air conditioner work. They eventually wear since working parts function continuously. With the help of professional maintenance, some of these repairs can be avoided or stopped. The central air conditioner fans are one of the parts and today, we at NY NJ AC Connection would like to share the basics on the central air conditioner fans.

What are the Different Types of Fans Used in Air Conditioning System?

There are two fans in the central air conditioning system that includes one located in the outside unit that blows over condenser coils in order to release heat from your home and other is in the inside unit that blows cool air for your home. If either of these fans are not operating accordingly, the home cannot be cooled efficiently. As to why the fan may not be working, include a few examples below.

No Power to AC Unit

Due to a faulty fan’s assembly which manifests with power loss issues, an air conditioner fan can be a problem. The air conditioner can be forced to shut down if the various parts of your air conditioner can overheat and trip your circuit breaker. You should have a professional inspect the unit as to the underlying cause as you can flip the switch at your circuit breaker back if it continues to occur.

How Do You Know if Your AC Contactor is Bad?

In which electricity flows in and out to control the compressor as well as the condenser fan motor is an air conditioner’s contactor. Restricting the outside unit’s fan from functioning properly, it is common for the contactor to wear down over. To get the contractor replaced safely and easily, hire a licensed pro.

What Causes AC Fan Motor to Burn Up?

Fans can burn out when they undergo too much stress, particularly being prone to wear and tear. They are even more vulnerable to excessive wear when the air conditioning unit is not properly maintained. Depending on the age and condition of your system, a bad fan motor is a more serious issue that will either require professional repairs or a system replacement.

What Happens when an AC Capacitor Fails?

To provide power to your air conditioners, the capacitor stores up energy that is used. When your capacitor can go bad and stop working properly, it will then force one of your system’s fans to stop spinning for quite a few reasons. Bad capacitor will need a professional replacement in most cases.

What Happens if AC Belt is Loose or Broken

In older systems with belt-powered fan from the belt can get loose or break, the fan to stop spinning properly. It can also be an indication that a new air conditioning unit is in order since you likely have an older, less efficient unit where this issue can be repaired.

Clogged Air Filter

The air that it blows will be completely blocked if your air filter is severely clogged and your indoor fan is working properly. Check your air filter and replace it if it’s dirty, especially if it sounds like your fan is working but you don’t feel any air in your home.

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