What Causes a Central AC Condenser Coil to Freeze in Manhattan, NY? Refrigerant Leak & More

You would think that through the summer you wouldn’t have to worry about things freezing over. The winter is the time you need to prepare for pipes to freeze and more. The summer time is the time of year that the heat rises and you have to find a place to cool off on many of the days. That is where your air conditioning unit comes into play. There is a part of the unit that is installed outside the house that has many of the parts that will cool the air and help to get it back in the house. Interestingly enough this is the area that you may find that things are starting to freeze over. It may seem unlikely since it is sitting outside all day in the heat but it can and does happen. You may think that the colder the better but if the coils are starting to freeze over it is a sign that there is a problem with your unit that needs to be addressed. NY NJ AC Connection has why your coils may be freezing over.

AC Refrigerant Leak

Many air conditioning units use a chemical that is referred to as refrigerant. This is what is used to remove the heat from the air and help to create cooler air that is sent through the house. The refrigerant will go through the refrigerant lines and then to the coils. A problem can exist if the refrigerant has a leak and the wrong amount is being used to remove the heat. The issue is that the amount of pressure that is needed is not being met and that will then cause the heat to not be absorbed properly and that will cause the coils to freeze. You want to make sure that this is repaired right away so that your unit can function and that you are stopping the chemical from being released in the air.

AC Condenser Fan is Broken

Another major part of the cooling system is the condenser fan and the motor. There is a motor that is used to send the fan blades moving. This is necessary for the unit to be able to do its job. If the air is not being moved around the unit the heat will remain stagnant and this will then cause the coils to freeze over. The fan and the motor must be operational to avoid any coils from freezing. You want to make sure that you call out a professional that can come out and repair the motor of the fan itself.

Air Conditioner Drain Pan Keeps Filling Up

Your air conditioning unit is going to create some moisture. The moisture does have a way to get out and that is through the condensation lines. These lines are there to catch the moisture that will be created and send it away from the unit. If the lines are clogged it can cause the condensation to build up and then it will cause the coils to freeze. You want to make sure that they are cleared and not damaged which can be don’t by a professional technician.

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