Tips & Benefits To Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Manhattan NY Home or Office

No matter where you are indoors, the HVAC system is circulating and ventilating the air around at controlled temperatures. Despite the comforts of having the warm or cool air passing through, depending on the season, you never really know if the air you are inhaling is good quality air or not. Most people do not even give it a second thought, but folks with severe allergies, asthma attacks, or general respiratory issues, should take the time to fully inspect the air is acceptable.

NY NJ A/C Connection Offer the Benefits and a Few Tips on Improving Indoor Air Quality in your Home or Office

Benefits of Improved Air Quality

1. Breathing Indoor Air Easy. The average person breathes approximately 11,000 liters of air a day. Unfortunately if the air quality is poor, it’s like breathing through a coffee straw stirrer. Even someone with healthy lungs will feel the effect over time. If your body is struggling to get the air it needs for survival, simple tasks like climbing the stairs or cleaning up your home difficult. With cleaner air, the body is sufficiently able to take the deep breaths it craves.
2. Good Air Quality Improves Sleep. As we slumber, our breathing patterns change. Breathing rates decrease, and we take in steadier, deeper breaths. If the air quality is low, your breathing is more in tune with waking hours, contributing to discomfort, inability to permit deep sleep, and frequent tossing and turning. When the air quality is good, sleep is more restful, and the body receives the air it needs to promote the breathing patterns during your sleep.
3. Removed Indoor Allergens from Air. There are many contagions floating around the air. Microscopic assailants that ambush susceptible folks. Substances like dust, dust mites, cockroach particles, pollens, animal dander, and mold spores can all make their contributions. Globally nearly 30% of the population has what is known as hay fever. Allergic reactions to contaminants cause itchy and irritated eyes, discomfort in the throat, sneezing and decongestion. These particles get circulated through the air, sometimes falling and creating a layer of dusting, causing the allergy sufferer to be inflicted. Where dusting, vacuuming and sweeping help, having an adequate, well maintained HVAC system can minimize the allergy frequency.
4. Odor Reduction. With top quality air, utilizing UV lights, odors from cooking, mildew buildup or other such pungent smells, can be obliterated and the air quality improved. It has been proven in recent study that odors can influence mood. In smelly environments, it becomes difficult for people to focus on their tasks and can promote irritability. Neutralized odors will help deter the negative effects of disgusting odors.
5. HVAC Efficiency. When your system is clear of debris, your HVAC system runs and operates more smoothly. This keeps energy costs low and efficiency high.

Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality

– Be sure the air filters are clean or replaced a minimum of once every 3 months. If residents are frequent smokers, you have multiple pests or your home is prone to mold, check you filters once a month. If there is a need, clean or replace them.
– It is recommended that every 3-5 years you your air ducts cleaned by a professional to remove buildup of contaminants.
Hire a professional to conduct an inspection, and perform maintenance and tune ups on your HVAC system two times a year. Spring and fall is optimal to ensure your A/C unit and furnace is getting the appropriate attention.

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