Symptoms of Faulty Furnace Burners in Upper East Side, NY; Dirty Burners, Blue Flame on Gas Furnace & More

A gas fueled furnace is commonly used throughout the U.S. as they are much more efficient than electric furnaces. With a gas furnace you will have burners which is one of the more frequently repaired components of the furnace. When the burners are faulty or begin to fail they will provide some warning signs that they require repair. NY NJ AC Connection will share what signs to watch for in a faulty burner and when to seek out professional repair services.

What Can Cause Furnace Burners to Stop Working?

The burners provide a controlled flame that heats up the heat exchangers which then creates the heat to the entire home. The burner is the first step of heating a home when it comes to a gas fueled furnace. The burners can develop problems for a number of reasons. For example, a burner can fail if it is dirty, covered with rust flakes, lost the connection for the gas line, or has valve problems. How the furnace is effected or what signs it shows will vary from problem to problem.

Gas Furnace Troubleshooting

One sign to watch for is if the burner has shut off completely. If the burners have shut off then the home will not heat as the next step in heating the home cannot happen. If the burner has shut off this is often due to a loss of connection with the gas line or the flow of gas. This can indicate a gas leak which can become quickly very dangerous. If the burner has shut off completely, then switch of the gas line to the furnace until proper inspection can determine the cause.

Dirty Furnace Burners

A similar problem is when the heat from the burners are greatly reduced. If the burners are running but are not hot enough to heat up the heat exchangers, then the sensor near the heat exchanger that triggers the blower motor will not activate. This means, what heat was created will not be circulated throughout the home. Again, this will leave the home cold. The cause for the burners to not be heating up the heat exchangers may be because the burners are dirty or eroded. If the burners are dirty or eroded and have rust flakes, the burner will become noisy when running. When a burner is having a hard time igniting, it may create a boom or rumbling sound. Noises from the furnace is never good and can be potentially dangerous. If your furnace is making noise seek professional HVAC services right away. Also, the furnace’s burner should have a steady blue flame. If the flame is yellow to orange in color, it could be a sign of a dirty furnace burner and/or indicate an improper mixture of gas and oxygen. When a yellow flame is ignored, it can quickly turn into a gas leak or other serious problem.

Cleaning & Replacement of Furnace Burners

If the burners are faulty most repairs will involve removing the burners. Once the burners are removed, they will be inspected. During inspection the burner may simply need to be replaced. However, most of the time the burners just need to be cleaned. Cleaning and replacing or adjusting the burners can be dangerous and should be conducted by a professional HVAC technician. Any time gas lines are involved, make sure the gas line is turned off to ensure safety.

Furnace Troubleshooting, Repair & More in Manhattan, New York

If the burners to your gas furnace are showing signs that they are faulty and in need of proper care, contact NY NJ AC Connection today.

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