Symptoms of Cracked Furnace Heat Exchanger in Lower Manhattan, NY & How to Repair or Replace

When your furnace’s heat exchanger cracks it can be bad news for your home’s heating system. The heat exchanger is the component that is responsible for the majority of the heat that is created. When the heat exchanger cracks it will need to be repaired or replaced. A heat exchanger will give some warning signs that it is cracked or damaged if you know what to look for. NY NJ AC Connection will share how to determine if the heat exchanger is cracked or damaged and why it is important to repair or replace the heat exchanger.

Heat Exchanger Working Principle

The heat exchanger is a device or component of the furnace that transfers energy or heat between multiple fluids. These fluids are what is used to heat the air that is circulated throughout the home. Essentially, the heat exchanger is responsible for creating the heat and does most of the heavy lifting. It is the heat created for the heat exchanger that gets pumped through the air ducts and into the home. Because the heat exchanger is solely responsible for creating the heat it becomes obvious when there is a problem with the heat exchanger.

Hairline Crack in Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is very hardy. Nonetheless, it is prone to cracking as it ages. However, poor maintenance can also lead to problems with the heat exchanger and eventually, due to the heat and pressure, the heat exchanger can crack. On average a heat exchanger will cycle on and off between 2500 to 4000 times within a single winter or heating season. Due to the frequent use, the internal components can begin to wear down and weaken the heat exchanger. This is why maintenance is so important. A furnace should receive yearly maintenance in the fall before the furnace will regularly be used. When the heat exchanger cracks, this can be very bad news. Depending on however severe the damage or crack is, the entire furnace can fail to operate. Another major problem is if the heat exchanger continues to run with a crack. The heat exchanger produces gas internally as it operates including carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide. Both are dangerous and can lead to a fire, If breathed in it can cause serious illness and even death.

Symptoms of a Cracked Heat Exchanger

When the heat exchanger cracks the furnace may fail to operate completely or you may feel cold air blowing through the home versus warm air. When the heat exchanger cracks it is essential that the heat exchanger is replaced. However, replacing a heat exchanger is rather expensive. A heat exchanger can cost between $600 to $1800 depending on the size or model of the furnace. It may be a wiser investment to replace the entire furnace rather than replace the heat exchanger, especially if the furnace is 10 years old or older.

Furnace Inspection

To determine if the heat exchanger is damaged have a professional HVAC technician come and inspect the furnace. Make sure you have the heating system serviced once a year so any problems and be detected early on and repaired. Maintenance is essential and can help extend the life of the HVAC system.

Furnace Troubleshooting, Repair, Maintenance & More in Manhattan, New York

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