Switching from Central AC to a Heating Furnace or Boiler in Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY

The summer months are hot and muggy and require you to use your AC to keep your home cool and comfortable. Now that the kids are headed back to school it is getting closer to the time you can switch off the AC and enjoy the outside weather. Although this is a very enjoyable time of year it does not last very long. Within a short amount of time the weather will turn to fall and that means that the heater or furnace will need to be turned back on again for another cold weather season. This is how your home will be warmed up through the crisp fall and cold winter months as well. The problem is that many people choose to just switch off the AC and click on the heat. This can actually be dangerous and when you need the heat the most, it may not even work. That is why you should prepare your home to have the heat turned back on.

NY NJ AC Connection Lists the Steps to Take When Switching From Your Central AC To Your Heating Unit

Turn Off the Central Air Conditioner Properly: You might think that you can just head to the thermostat and switch the temperature to a warmer degree. This will stop the AC from coming on but that is it. This is not turning the AC off at all. You need to look at the thermostat where there is a switch that needs to be on cool, heat or off. When you are prepping for the fall weather you can set it to off while you continue your steps to prepare for heating. Once all the steps have been taken you need to switch it over to heat. This will tell the unit that it needs to allow the heater or furnace to turn on when necessary.
Furnace or Boiler Inspection & Tune Up: If you think about it your furnace or boiler has been off and sitting for months now. The last time you had it running would have been in the last part of the winter the year prior. That is a long time for any appliance to sit and during that time the unit may have gotten damaged. If there is damage to the unit and you go to turn it on it can become dangerous or not work at all. Danger exists if there is an electrical spark or a leak in the gas line. You want to have your heating unit checked before you turn it on in the fall weather. The technician will run a diagnostic test on it and look for any signs of damage or wear and tear. We can then offer our services to repair or replace what needs to be done before you start the unit. We will often times also suggest you have the filters changed out so that there is a good level of air flow through the vents.

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