Should I Get My Boiler Serviced Every Year to Prevent the Need for Emergency Heating Repairs in Manhattan, NY?

Your boiler works to keep you and your family warm, so you don’t want to wait till you start experiencing problems to have your it serviced. You are not a trained professional so it may be hard for you to determine when your boiler should be serviced. NY NJ AC Connection outlines some of the signs you should call schedule service with us sooner rather than later!

Why & When Should You Get Your Boiler Serviced?

1. Service your boiler annually. It’s important to have your boiler serviced once a year. It’s the best way to ensure your boiler will continue to function properly and limit wear and tear as much as possible. Annual service allows a professional to spot potential problems and many boiler manufacturers will void your warranty if you neglect annual service. You may even run into problems with your homeowner’s insurance if your boiler is the cause of damage in your home and you neglected maintenance.
2. Service your boiler when you move into a new home. It’s a good idea to have service performed on a boiler of a home you have just moved into. There’s really no way for you to know when or how the previous owner serviced the boiler. Having it serviced when you move in rules out any unwanted problems. It also allows you to have peace of mind that service was done and will be done annually afterwards.
3. Service your boiler in the summer months. You can be sure that technicians that service boilers will be less busy during the summer months. Planning service in the summer months allows you to schedule with ease and you may even pay a little less. Summer service also ensures you won’t be left with a broken boiler on the coldest day of the year. Take care of your boiler and it will take care of you!
4. Service your boiler if it is running inefficiently. While annual service is probably enough to avoid any problems, you should have your boiler serviced if it’s been awhile and your boiler seems to be working inefficiently. When your boiler isn’t working efficiently it’s costing you money, and no one wants that.
5. Service your boiler before you need repairs. Do not wait until you have a problem. Even if it seems like your boiler is working fine, don’t skip having it serviced. You may save the cost of service, but problems will build up over time. If you wait for your boiler to break down, you will have a higher repair bill- higher than the cost of the service you skipped.

Signs Your Boiler Could be Dangerous

1. The smell of gas or fumes.
2. Visible signs of sooting, scorching, or black spillage marks.
3. The pilot light continually going out or a yellow flame.
4. Frequent feeling of headaches or nausea when the boiler is running.
5. Leaking boiler.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, or you have any doubt, switch the boiler off and call professionals immediately.

Boiler Tune Up Maintenance, Repair Services & More in Manhattan, New York

Boilers require annual maintenance to ensure efficient operation. Having your boiler serviced properly is the best option for your boiler and your wallet. Contact NY NJ AC Connection to perform a boiler tune-up to assess your system. We look forward to hearing from you!

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