Prep Your Central AC for Spring in Manhattan, NYC; Replace Old Thermostat, Clear Condenser Area, Tune Up & More

With the warmer temperatures are creeping up, the New York locals are likely to be dusting of the air conditioners. When we look for comfort, we expect a cool, dry environment when the warm, humid air becomes normal weather. To ensure the air conditioner is ready to perform and perform well during the upcoming season, now is the ideal time to get the cooling system prepared. With this in mind, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to offer a few suggestions to ready the air conditioning for your home.

Refrigerant Piping

Evaluate the refrigerant lines that run from the air conditioning unit to the home while you are maintaining the space around the outdoor unit. The tubing should be well insulated and free from any damage or signs of deterioration. Should the lines be less than satisfactory, contact a pro for assistance, especially if there are any leaks. Necessary for the air conditioner to produce cool air is having efficient levels of refrigerant. Without the proper refrigerant, will not get the cool temperatures and experience other issues as well. By law, refrigerant can only be handled by licensed professionals. If the lines are damaged or the refrigerant is low, you need to call a technician for repairs and recharging.

Replace an Old Thermostat

This is the time to consider an upgrade should your home be still equipped with a standard, manual thermostat. Especially during the summer, a programmable or Smart thermostat are far more efficient in monitoring and adjusting the temperatures. Being far more efficient at conserving energy and operating expenses, you save money. Now is the time adjust the settings if you do have these modern advances.

Check AC Air Vents

Ensure the air vents are in optimal shape and cleaned. Make sure all the register grills are wiped down, so all the dust is cleaned as you check the condition. Be sure clutter is moved if any of the floor events are obstructed by furniture or other obstructions. From any foundation vents, clear away any leaves and debris.

Clear Area Around Exterior Condenser Unit

The outdoor unit can easily be overtaken by clutter and/or outdoor vegetation. Inspect the surrounding area and provide 3 feet of clearance form the unit. Trim or remove any encroaching bushes, grass, weeds, and other plants. Relocate any clutter that has been stacked to close and toss out any trash.

Change Air Filter

The air filters should be checked if you haven’t already done it. Depending on which type you use, filters need to be clean or replaced because over several week, they become compacted with dust and debris that prevents proper airflow. Filter should be checked and maintained monthly if there are pets, smokers, multiple occupants, or those with afflicted with allergies or asthma.

Central Air Conditioner Tune Up Preventative Maintenance

Tune-ups are an essential part of maintenance. In addition to your own care, the professional tune-ups optimize longevity, performance, and energy efficiency while reducing the possibilities of breakdowns.

Central Air Conditioning Inspection, Tune Up, Repair, Replacement & More in Manhattan, New York

Call NY NJ A/C Connection to schedule your tune-up. If you are experiencing a cooling system that needs maintenance, repair, or replacing, we are readily available to assist you.

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