Outdoor Central AC Unit Stopped Working After Rain in Lower Manhattan, NY?

Rainfall is common in New York, and there are many who get concerned when its excessive if it negatively impacts the HVAC system, whether it happens in the summer or winter. No matter if there are light sprinkles or heavy downpours, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like share how rain impacts your HVAC system. Generally, the thoughts commonly go to the outdoor unit. This unit, whether if it is an air conditioner or a heat pump, is designed to take on the impact of harsh weather condition, such as pounding rain, snow fall, and even light hail.

HVAC Design to Minimize Affect of Rain

The heat pump, equipped with advanced technology, is engineered to pump the heat outside your home and release to the outdoors. Depending on the system, you can find an outdoor unit, which is either the air conditioner unit or the heat pump. In a split system, the indoor unit contains the evaporator coil and blower, and the outside unit houses the compressor and condenser. The outdoor unit is strategically designed to endure extreme conditions, as manufacturers know they will be exposed to the elements. Sealed with sturdy, corrosion-proof materials, like aluminum, plastics, and copper are all the electrical components to provide protection from the rain and moisture. Falling tree limbs, flooding rains, and wind-driven debris, are all susceptible to the outdoor limits. To protect and prevent undo damage, your unit can benefit from professional care and maintenance and your own efforts to ensure it is clean and running well.

Can Rain Damage the Outdoor AC Unit?

If you experience any flooding in the area, your outdoor unit can be potentially affected, otherwise, rain in general will not negatively impact the outdoor unit. Being otherwise protected from rain, when it is partially submerged, the long-term exposure can possibly damage wiring, electronic components, and the motor. If you notice any flooding partial submerging to your outdoor unit, just simply switch off the HVAC system at the electrical panel. It is perfectly safe to run your heater or air conditioner while it’s raining or storming outside.

AC Covers for Winter

Since they can trap the moisture and extreme temperatures, the covers made for outside units (air conditioners for winter) are not generally recommended. Some homeowners want to offer more protection for their unit from the rain, debris, leaves, and other elements, although you can end up doing more harm than good with these covers, you should consider other alternatives. Any moisture that would get trapped under cover can lead to damage, such as corrosion among others. Make certain to not stack anything on top or next to your unit and keep 3 feet of clearance if possible. If you are looking for extra protection an awning is more ideal for proper airflow that your unit requires.

Professional HVAC Services in the Rain

Most HVAC system experts will respond to your needs with an ongoing rainstorm, and depending on what the unit needs, the technician may have to postpone repairs to the outdoor unit until the rain clears as to not expose them to excess moisture.

HVAC Services in Manhattan, New York

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