Is Central Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside in Midtown Manhattan, NY? How to Fix

The weather starts to warm up when the season changes to spring and summer. The great thing is that your home is outfitted with a central air conditioning unit that is able to be used to cool the house down. This is the best way to make it comfortable and livable in the heat of summer. When you start to have problems with the unit it can be something that is simple or more difficult. Most of the problems can be repaired by an HVAC technician. Some of the damage to your unit may allow the unit to continue to work while others will render the unit useless until it has been repaired. You want to make sure that you are aware of some of the common problems that may occur. One happens to be when the unit starts to drip water. There is some condensation that will exist.

NY NJ AC Connection Lists the Common Causes of Why Your AC Unit Leaking Water

Clogged Drain Pipe: The interesting thing about the air conditioner is that the unit is manufactured with condensation in mind. It is inevitable when cool air and hot air pass by there will be condensation. There is a drain that is part of the unit when it is installed and if you look outside at the unit you will notice a pipe or drain. This is where the water that does occur to collect and soak into the ground. The problem happens when this drain get damaged or clogged. What you need to know is that the unit is also equipped with a backup that will take the water and allow it to drain elsewhere. This is usually above a window near the back of the house so that you are not able to overlook it. It is the alert that there is a problem with your main drain and it will need your attention. You can have the drain replaced or cleaned out by a professional.
Frozen Coils: There tends to be a problem with your coils freezing over when there is a big difference in the temperature outside and the air that is being cooled for the house. The coils can actually freeze over and you can see this if you look outside at the unit. The freeze is not something that you want to happen and if you see this it is important to have your unit looked at for potential damaged.
Damaged Condensate Pump: There are some AC units that have the unit in the basement and if that is the case there is a condensate pump. This is a pump that will collect the condensation that will happen and send it outdoors. If you notice there is water in the house you want to make sure that you have your pumped serviced or replaced. This is a part that should be replaced by a professional to prevent any further water damage to the house.

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