How to Save Money on your Electric or Gas Furnace or Boiler Heating Bill in Manhattan New York

The summer is over and the winter is on its way. The cool weather means that you are probably ready to get your heater running. Most people try and wait as long as they can to get the heater going. The hot weather uses the ac to cool down the house and as soon as the temperature outside cools down you get to turn off the cooler and start the heater. This means that the gas or power bill is going to go up.

NY NJ AC Connection has prepared a list of preventative measures that you can take to help keep the bill lower and the cost down.

Digital Thermostat: Some people have yet to move to a thermostat that is digital and programmable. They are a great idea and if you have not had one installed yet this is a great time of year to do so. If you don’t have one, the heater will run constantly up to the single temperature that it is set to. When you go with a digital thermostat you can set the unit to run at different temperatures during different times of the day. You can set it at a lower degree while you are away at work or school and a more comfortable temperature when you are home and enjoying your residence.

Seal off Air Leaks: This is a way that hot air is lost in your home or not in the rooms that you want it in. It is also hard to spot since it is in the duct work which is hidden away in the attic space. The only real way to be sure that you catch a leak in your duct work is to hire a professional that can come out and look through the space. A professional like NY NJ A/C Connection knows what to look for and how to fix the leak.

Thermostat Placement: Often times the thermostat that is used to determine the temperature in the house and tell the unit when to turn on and off is placed in an area that sends off too much heat. This is usually when it is placed too close to a window or other area that is cooler than the rest of the home. It can make the heater stay on longer and run more often. It is best to be placed in a central location such as a hallway or walkway.

Preventative Maintenance Heating Service: This is the very best way to be sure that you are not wasting energy. A service technician can come out and look at the unit thoroughly and determine any small repairs that may need to be fixed. You also should have the filters replaced and start fresh when you switch to the heater.

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