How to Make Your Upper East Side Manhattan, NY Home More Energy Efficient in Fall & Winter

As the cold season approaches, homeowners are starting to get things prepared for winter. This doesn’t just include the exterior of your home either. The inside of your home could likely be more energy efficient. NY NJ AC Connection is here to talk about some of the different ways you can make your home more energy efficient this winter.

Cheap Ways to Heat a Room; Let the Sun In

Anytime the sun is out, have your blinds/curtains wide open. The sun can generate a lot of heat and that will cut the cost to heat your home. Not only will it help to heat your home, but sunlight will help lift your mood as well. No one can see the sun too much in the winter months.

Find & Seal Air Leaks

Your home loses a decent amount of heat if there are any leaks around your doors and windows. You should check all these places for signs of cracks that could be letting out heat. You should also look at places where the plumbing comes into your home as well as unfinished places behind cupboards or in closets for possible heat loss. These can be fixed by replacing the caulking around the doors and windows to create a good seal and keep heat in your home. You may also need to replace the weather stripping around your doors to prevent drafts from coming into your home.

Avoid Heat Loss from Chimney & Fireplace

Your fireplace can be a helpful addition to keep your home warm during the winter. It will only be effective if you take certain steps to make it efficient though. Your fireplace has a damper that should always be closed unless there is a fire going. Otherwise, this is just like leaving a window open during the winter. If you don’t find that you use your fireplace ever, you could always have the chimney flue plugged to avoid heat loss. For those that use their fireplace often, you should check it for leaks as well. Check the seal on the flue to make sure it is as snug as possible and consider adding a line of caulking around the hearth.

Lower Your Water Heating Costs

You don’t need to have your hot water heater turned up as hot as possible. Turn the water heater to the warm setting. This will still allow you to have warm water, but will be much more energy efficient. You will also avoid scalding yourself with hot water.

Furnace & Boiler Inspection, Repairs, Tune Up Maintenance Services & More in Manhattan, New York

One of the best ways to ensure your home is energy efficient this winter is to maintain your heating system. The heating and cooling experts at NY NJ AC Connection will help make sure your heating system is running as efficiently as possible and make any necessary repairs to ensure it stays that way. You should always at the very least, replace your filter before starting your system up for the first time this fall and winter season. For more information on heating maintenance, call us today!

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