How to Fix Heavy Condensation on Outside of Central Air Conditioning Unit in Hell’s Kitchen, NY

You want to make sure you know what to look for when it comes to signs that your air conditioner needs attention. Some people will ignore signs that the AC is having a problem until it stops working and then call out a professional. This could lead to problems that are much worse and costly as well. You want to keep an eye on the signs and know what you need to do about them. One of the things you want to keep an eye on is condensation. Have you ever brought an ice cold drink in the room and started to see droplets of water raising up from the sides? This is condensation and it cannot be helped when you have a cold drink but it can be dealt with on your AC unit. The air conditioner is something that is drawing out the hot air and creating cooler air to be pumped back into the house. The creation of these two contrasting temperatures means the outcome is condensation. NY NJ AC Connection outlines what can be causing condensation around your AC unit.

Some Condensation on Outside of AC Unit is Normal

When the air conditioning unit was manufactured the manufacturers knew that it would create some moisture in the form of condensation. That is why the unit is installed with a pan that is there to catch the condensation and send it away from the unit. You don’t want to allow the moisture to continue to sit on the unit creating rust and damage to the electrical unit. The pan and the drain should kept clear of debris and allowed to do it’s job. The condensation needs to have that outlet to protect your unit from water damage.

Secondary AC Drain Line

If the main condensation line is clogged or blocked with debris it can cause trouble for the unit. The great thing is that there is a secondary line that will be used to send the moisture away from the unit. This line is placed above a window so that when it does drip it should be seen from the house. This is placed there for a good reason and should never be used. If it is ever dripping, you need to call out a professional HVAC technician to repair the main drain and line. When the line has been repaired the secondary line should dry up.

What is Causing Condensation on AC Unit?

There are several things that can be causing the condensation around your AC unit. First there are coils that are cold and when they are around the air that is warm that is being pulled out of the house it will create the condensation. You may start to see it collecting around your unit and around the drain line. The other issue is that the coils can actually start to freeze over and this will cause more condensation. It will also cause the unit to not be able to cool the house properly. The condensation and the frozen coils are signs that the unit needs attention.

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