How Often Should I Have My Furnace Serviced to Avoid Emergency Repairs in Harlem, NY?

When you want to warm up on a cold winter day there are several options. One is that you can cuddle up by a fire or hide under a fluffy and thick blanket. You can also just head indoors and turn up the heater to kick on. The heating unit is a huge part of your comfort level in the colder winter months. When you want to start using your heating system it is important to ensure that it has been inspected and in good working condition. When you don’t take this step you will be more likely to run into problems that will leave you cold in your own house. Even when you take these steps you can still end up with some problems that will need the attention of an HVAC technician. Knowing what these signs are that mean trouble for your heating unit is a great way to get through the cold winter months.

NY NJ AC Connection Outlines Signs Your Furnace Needs Emergency Repair this Winter

Furnace Making Knocking, Rattling or Clanking Sounds: One of the most important things to keep your eyes or actually your ears on are the noises that come from the unit. The heating unit has been manufactured to work in your home and that means that it should not be making loud and obnoxious sounds. That would affect the life inside your house and that is why they are a sign that there is a problem. You want to be aware of any new sounds that start to come from the unit. You also want to take into consideration any sounds that seem to get louder and or more frequent. When these start to happen it could mean that something is loose of that there is broken component. These will need to be treated and repaired by a professional. If they are left untreated it can end up causing even more damage.
Furnace Smells Bad like Burning Plastic or Smoke: When you first turn on the heater or the furnace there are many times that people say they can smell burning when it kicks on the first time after the summer has ended. The smells from dust that has built up on the coils and has burned off. This means that after a few minutes it will go away. if it persists you want to shut off the unit and have it looked at right away. You may also smell gas in the house and that could be from a pilot light that has gone out. This is dangerous for the people in the house and that is why you want to air out the house right away and have the unit looked at.
Pilot Light Flame Color: The health of the pilot light on your gas furnace should be taken into account. The light should be a bright blue flame and if it not there could be a problem. When the flame starts to look yellow or orange the gas that is feeding it may be lessened. This could be the cause of the light going out instead of staying strong. Then you could have a gas leak so be sure to keep a good eye on the pilot light.

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