Home Air Conditioner Compressor Function & Problems in Manhattan, NYC

The air conditioner is comprised with many essential primary parts that allow it to cool the home down in a sufficient matter. One of the main parts of the air conditioner is the compressor, among others. The compressor provides a specific purpose in the cooling process and when it experiences any defects, the quality of air is compromised. We at NY NJ A/C Connection would like shed some light on the compressor, what it does and some of the issues common.

Function of Compressor in Air Conditioning System

The compressor is located in the outdoor unit. Its function is to supply the energy needed to circulate the refrigerant through the coils in order for the heat exchange to take place. The compressor will change the low pressured refrigerant gas and transform it to high temperature, high pressured refrigerant gas before it is processed in the condenser.

Air Conditioner Compressor Problems

The compressor can be responsible for several problems. Below you will find the most common issues the compressor contributes to or the problems it has.
1) Compressor Burn Out: The compressor will not even start up if there was faulty wiring within the electrical system where the compressor makes contact. Generally, exposed wiring will send electrical currents to react with the steel parts of the motor, resulting in a short and eventually the compressor to burn out. More often than not, the compressor will have to be replaced, and the wiring repaired by a specialist.
2) Switching On and Off Intermittently: When the compressor noticeably switches on and off sporadically, it is referred to as hard starting in the field. The compressor will stutter or show other symptoms with the inefficiency starting up, often when the fuse is failing or if the wiring has gone bad. A fuse replacement or rewiring will remedy the situation.
3) Motor: An overloaded or overheated motor will simple cease function of the compressor. Frequently an electrical problem in the appliance the air conditioner causes the motor to fail. If there are other causes a simple reset of the motor resolves the problem. If the problem extends into the electrical system, the reset button will simply pop back out, which indicates deeper underlining issues, with diagnostics and inspections, the problem or problems can be easily fixed.
4) Loss of Cooling: When the air conditioning is losing its cooling power it often is due to the inability of the compressor to maintain the correct pressure. A technician will first check the air conditioner compressor and perform a visual inspection and diagnostics to discover any problems no matter if the discharge pressure is abnormally high or abnormally low. The pressure gauges on your unit are also verified.
5) Cooling Inefficiency: When little to no cool air is being produced, the sluggish acting compressor has often become loose or is just deteriorated through normal time and use. Your technician will be able to determine the compressor’s issue and whether installing or replacing the gauge ports on the compressor is necessary. If the compressor has become loose it may need a simple adjustment or in extreme cases, replacing.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Manhattan, New York City

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