Heating Mistakes to Avoid in Lower Manhattan, NY; Letting Hot Air Out & Cold Air In, Other Heat Sources & More

As we approach the cold months of New York, the locals need to commit to due diligence to cut down on costs. According to Energy Star, the largest part of your utility bill is accounted from the heating system. In your efforts to try and save, you may stumble upon misinformation that leads you to paying higher costs, unfortunately. For instance, a completely untrue practice and one of the many misconceptions people apply to their home, is to conserve energy by closing the doors to rooms that don’t need to be heated. Today, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to warn of common mistakes made by homeowners as they warm their homes in order to help you avoid spending unnecessarily this cold winter season.

Dependency on Alternative Heat Sources

In the event they do not feel warm air to the effect that is desired, many homeowners will turn to other sources of heat, like a space heater or fireplace. Professionals strongly encourage you to use them in conjunction with your heating system as oppose to depending on them completely to warm your entire house. In addition to being more expensive than operating your central heating system, they can also be severe fire hazards.

Cranking Thermostat or Constant Temperature?

There are no shortcuts unfortunately when it comes to your heater. Since there is only one speed, if you think inflating the temperature will get you warmer quicker, it will not. This tactic will only make your heater work harder which results in costing you more money.

Not Changing Heating Schedule

When you let the furnace run at all times, you are wasting a lot of money. There are opportunities where you can give it a break to get a break on your utility bill. Set your programmable thermostat on a schedule to run a lower temperature while everyone is out of the house or sleeping. You can potentially save you as much as 10% on your heating costs when you adjust to the right optimal settings.

Letting Hot Air Go Out & Cold Air Come In

Through the gaps in your windows and doors, or any other cracks and crevices, the cold air creeps in as a strain is put on your heating system. To prevent the air from escaping or the cold air from infiltrating your home, make sure your weather-stripping, fresh caulk, draft stoppers, and other solutions are properly applied.

Is it Better to Leave Doors & Vents Open or Closed for Heat?

It makes perfect sense to close off doorways and vents to rooms that are unused to most homeowners. On the contrary, however, this puts extra pressure on your system and obstructs airflow. It is in your better interest to leave them open in order to avoid a higher heating bill. Make sure to schedule your furnace tune-up and maintenance services now in addition to these considerations.

Heat Pump, Furnace & Boiler Heating Inspection, Tune Up, Repair, Replacement & More in Manhattan, New York

When it comes to fully relying on it, your technician can ensure your heating system is ready. Call NY NJ A/C Connection no matter if you require maintenance, installations, replacements, or repairs in New York.

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