Furnace Troubleshooting & Repair in Upper East Side, NY; Pilot Won’t Light, Weak Air Flow & More

During it’s lifespan, a furnace will eventually endure some bumps and dilemmas. Poor installation, though rare, can cause some need for repair, although, usually, needed repairs stem from use and age. With a skilled professional, furnace repairs can be done in a timely manner. Though not all problems can be fixed and require a replacement, if your furnace is not operating efficiently, a licensed professional is needed for immediate assistance to help you get your home comfortable and warm quickly. More commonly than others, the furnace problems you may experience are listed below that we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to share it today.

Pilot Won’t Light or Keeps Going Out

When you turn your heat on, the pilot, which is a small flame, ignites. For any problems that develop, such as a light burn out, it is important to take the proper and necessary measures to re-light the pilot light. Contact a HVAC professional to make certain the process is done proficiently when you need to relight the pilot.

Clogged Air Filter

A rather common issue with the furnace, is filter troubles, being that most homeowners do not know that they have to replace filters. Replacing the filters is an important part to your home HVAC system’s maintenance. To maximize the effectiveness of your furnace, the filters should be replaced to keep the clean air circulating through the home

Faulty Home Thermostat

A faulty furnace thermostat can decrease comfort as an imperfection in the home’s heating system. Repairs are usually fast when there is a mild hiccup with the thermostat. Tending to be the source are wiring issues that a professional can make immediate repairs that are safe and proficient.

Weak HVAC Air Flow

Restricted airflow is an issue that is presented if the system ever gets clogged or backed up. Your house will be more comfortable and secure if you take the steps to keep the airflow up to its potential. The piping system throughout the house, or ducts, and it is designed to placed in specific routes of your home. These ducts collect layers of filth, that need to be blown out and cleaned. Other restrictions might be from the filters and the vents and registers should be cleaned and removed clutter.

Furnace Maintenance Neglect

Where furnaces initially come with an investment, with installation, maintenance and repairs, the substantial cost is worth protecting. The costly problems keep accumulating all without routine maintenance and you will just continue to have the issue fixed instead of preventing them.

Wear from an Old Furnace

As a furnace ages and with use, they naturally wear. The wear and tear eventually impacts the furnace’s performance and efficiency. An aging furnace often can’t keep up with the demand and when the furnace continues to need repairs, a replacement is in your better interest.

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