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With 2016 underway, it is a great opportunity to see what the previous year brought us when it comes to weather. Looking into weather conditions and events that transpired will better help us appreciate the commodities of having a working HVAC system in your home. Enjoying the furnace that produces us heat in the bitter cold winters, or the air conditioning unit cooling us off during the scorching hot summer months helps us get a better look at why we thoroughly enjoy an efficient HVAC system.

Without further procrastination, NY NJ A/C Connection would like to share the weather event records for 2015.

1. January came in at the second warmest throughout the globe, and the sea ice in the Arctic was at the third smallest since records have been kept.
2. In February, Boston was abused with 64.8 inches of snow. This also came in second as the snowiest month in their history, and the snow didn’t completely melt away until July.
3. New York and Vermont, had record breaking cold temperatures in March for the first three months of the year, breaking records almost a century old.
4. April was the month California’s snowpack shrunk to record lows, due to the drought and warmer temperatures in the winter.
5. May was a busy month. In Alaska, May was the warmest it had ever been. In Florida, March through May experienced the warmest temperatures on record. South Carolina had Tropical Storm Ana touch down, which became the second earliest tropical cyclone to hit in U.S. history. Texas and Oklahoma experienced the wettest month on their record books, causing intense flooding in the region.
6. Another active month was June. Illinois, Idaho, and Indiana experienced their wettest month on record. Pakistan took the lives of approximately 1100 lives in record breaking heat wave of temperatures exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest June on record for the U.S. was in the western states of California, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Earth in general also experienced the hottest temperatures on record. The first 6 months of 2015 where the hottest ever, and with the last 6 months of 2014, gave Earth record breaking warmer temperatures.
7. July was the last month with record breaking weather events so far documented in 2015. Germany hit record highs of over 104 degrees, and across Europe record highs inflicted the region. With Tropical Storm Dolores running amuck, California got to have more rain in a single weekend, than the whole month of January, where January is the state’s most average rainfall.
August-December had impact somewhere throughout the globe in weather events and we will update the rest of the year for the curious minded down the line.

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