End of Cold Weather Furnace Problems in Hell’s Kitchen, NY; Short Cycling, Uneven Heat & More

Many people consider March the end of winter, yet we often experience several weeks of continued cold and rain until we begin to enjoy spring’s warmth. The upcoming days of spring are the perfect times to schedule your furnace maintenance to ensure it is ready for the following winter. Homeowners often neglect to plan their yearly maintenance appointment when not using their furnace, only to regret it when a minor problem turns into an expensive fall repair. A properly maintained furnace will keep you comfortable during the formidable months of winter. Getting a head start on your furnace maintenance this spring will save you your hard-earned cash and save you time. Your NY NJ AC Connection expert will inspect your furnace and make the necessary repairs to preserve your furnace’s life and keep it running at optimal performance levels. Some of the most common furnace problems include the following.

Why Does the Air Coming out of My Vents Smell?

When you first turn on your furnace, you expect to smell musty odors, most of which are caused by the dust burning on the heat exchanger. When these odors occur later in the fall months, it could indicate that your motor is overheating. Arrange for immediate repairs before the problem turns critical and requires a complete furnace replacement.

What Would Cause a Furnace to Trip a Breaker?

Gas furnaces also rely on electrical power to operate. Natural gas supplies the furnace’s heat source, but the other components, including the igniter, fan, and limit switch, use electricity to power them. If your furnace trips the circuit breaker regularly, one possible cause is your fan motor drawing too much electricity. Contact your NY NJ AC Connection professional to schedule an appointment for repairs.

Inconsistent & Uneven Heat Distribution

If some of the rooms within your home are not getting warm enough, your furnace is most likely losing its ability to heat adequately. Other possibilities include leaks in the ductwork, allowing the warmed air to escape before reaching its final destination. Either way, the issue should be looked at immediately to avoid rising utility bills and early replacement costs.

Why is My Electric Bill Suddenly So High?

If you begin to notice a steady and significant increase in your heating costs and haven’t been running the heater more than usual, you most likely have a malfunction causing the energy to drain. Your NY NJ AC Connection heating expert will perform diagnostics and make the necessary repairs.

Furnace Short Cycling

Short-cycling is the term used when your furnace is turning itself on and off over and over and fails to complete a heating cycle. Several things can cause short-cycling, and regardless of the reason, it should be taken care of immediately by your HVAC expert. The constant turning on and off puts a tremendous amount of stress on the internal components contained within your furnace and can result in the premature replacement of your furnace.

Clogged Air Filters

If your air filters are not well maintained, they can clog up with dirt and debris and restrict the airflow making your furnace have to work overtime to compensate. Your heating unit runs the risk of overheating, or you could even burn out the motor resulting in expensive repairs and early equipment replacement. Check filters regularly and replace your filters according to the manufactures recommendations.

Furnace Repairs, Tune Up Preventive Maintenance & More in Manhattan, New York

Regardless of your furnace is gas or electric, your furnace repairs should always be left to the experts at NY NJ AC Connection to ensure that your heating unit runs efficiently and safely year-round. To learn more about furnace diagnostics, maintenance, repairs, and new installations, contact the experts at NY NJ AC Connection today.

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