Common Residential Boiler Repairs in Manhattan, NY; Kettling Noise, Leaking Heating Unit & More

Boilers are a common heating system found in many homes along the east coast. Boilers like any other heating system will develop problems requiring repairs and component replacement. Boilers often have the same common problems and some can even be prevented. NY NC AC Connection will share some of the common boiler repairs and how you can prevent or prolong these common repairs.

Boiler Kettling Noise

Kettling is rather a common problem in most hot water boilers. When kettling occurs in a boiler you will often hear rattling inside the tank as if there are tiny rocks flying around. Essentially there is rock made up of minerals inside the boiler’s tank. Minerals develop inside the boiler tank over time. Kettling is more common or happens quicker in places with hard water. These mineral stones can cause leaks and increase pressure which can become dangerous. To prevent kettling, the boiler should be serviced once a year and if needed, the water can be drained if smaller mineral stones have begun to develop. There are also water softeners that can be added to the tank to help prolong kettling.

Is a Leaking Boiler an Emergency?

Another common boiler repair is leaks. Boilers often develop leaks and usually from the tank. However, they can occur in other places. If the leak is coming from the tank, this is a major problem. A leaky tank is a sign that the tank has begun to corrode and then the tank will require replacement. If the leak is coming from the pressure relief valve or pump, most problems can be easily repaired. To prevent leaks, again seek professional services to maintain the boiler and its components. Older tanks will often corrode and eventually require placement.

Boiler Pilot Light Won’t Ignite or Stay Lit

The Pilot Light is another common problem that is found on older boilers. Pilot lights will sometimes go out and will not light up again. Often the pilot light is dirty and corroded. When the pilot light is dirty it needs to be cleaned. However, at times, the pilot light will break down and need to be replaced. Modern boilers often use an electronic ignition which heats up the water in the tank when activated. Unfortunately, the ignition will often go out and need to be replaced. There is not much you can do to prevent ignition failure. When it comes to the pilot light make sure it is kept cleaned.

Boiler Circulating Pump

When the boiler stops making heat it is often due to a failed pilot light, electronic ignition, or a broken pump. The boiler’s pump circulates the heat throughout the home. If the boiler is running but there is no heat then the pump is responsible for the failure. A pump can break down. In most cases, the pump needs to be replaced to restore heat to the home.

Boiler Repairs, Inspections, Troubleshooting, Tune Up Maintenance & More in Manhattan, New York

A boiler will run more reliably when it is properly maintained. It is recommended to have your home boiler system inspected and serviced once a year to prevent major repairs. Boilers should be serviced in early fall. Nevertheless, it is never too late to seek a boiler tune-up. If you are having problems with your boiler don’t hesitate to seek professional services. NY NJ AC Connection provides boiler, furnace and air conditioner inspection, repair, or replacement services. Contact NY NJ AC Connection today!

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