Common Central Air Conditioner Failure Problems in Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY

Air conditioning units will eventually experience some wear, and future failures. It is important to know when a problem does occur so you don’t allow certain problems to continue that can ruin the entire air conditioning unit. NY NJ AC Connection, in efforts to help make more homeowners aware when their air conditioner may be having a problem, would like to share some of the common failures that air conditioning units develop. This way you know what to do if you detect a problem and how to correct the issue.

Faulty Fuses or Circuit Breakers

If your air conditioner fails to run, the first thing you may want to check is the circuit breakers or fuses. If you determine that the problem is the circuits or a burnt out fuse, allow the system to cool down before you replace them. However sometimes it may be the high pressure limit switch. If you don’t find a breaker tripped or a burnt fuse, but all evidence points to an electrical failure, then it may be due a problem with the high pressure limit switch. This will take a licensed HVAC technician to inspect and repair.

Leaking Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels can cause different air conditioner failures, from warm air blowing into the home, to overheating of the entire air conditioning unit. You may first notice the air conditioner is running, but warm air is coming out of the air vents instead of cool air. If this is occurring, contact an HVAC repair company. They will come and check your refrigerant, refill them if necessary, then determine and repair the cause of the leak.

AC Coils Freeze Up

When ice builds up on either on the evaporator coils or the condenser coils, this is often due to either dirty coils or dirty air filters. Both issues are easily corrected. Simply clean the coils and change out the air filter. If ice continues to build up, another possibility may be dirty air ducts. You may want to consider having the air ducts cleaned if ice continues to develop on the coils.

Damaged AC Components

A common problem in older air conditioners is damaged components. Often due to time and use, various components such as the fan blades, compressor, or electrical connections can become damaged, loosened or disconnected. Luckily the air conditioner can give some hints there is a problem. Most problems associated with these types of damages will come with noises. Irregular noise can help allow you to know there is a problem. It is recommended you shut off your air conditioner if you begin to hear irregular noises and call the professionals.

Faulty AC Thermostat

Thermostat circuits or wiring can become damaged over time, or sometimes you may get a “lemon.” Often many air conditioner failures are actually caused by a faulty thermostat. In most cases when you encounter a problem and call and technician out, they will first check the thermostat to make sure the problem isn’t cause by a faulty thermostat.

Central Air Conditioning Inspections, Tune Ups, Repairs, Replacement & More in Greater Manhattan, New York

Most air conditioner failures can be prevented if you have your air conditioning unit and its systems regularly inspected and maintained. It is recommended you have your HVAC system serviced twice a year: once in early spring and again in early fall. If you have air conditioner failure, contact NY NJ AC Connection for all of your HVAC needs.

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