Common Air Duct Problems in Manhattan, NY; Improperly Sealed Registers & Grills, Insufficiently Designed, Leaks & Dirty Air Ducts

When the air conditioning or heater doesn’t seem to be maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout the home, most inspect the thermostat. After realizing the thermostat is working accordingly, they look to the heater or furnace, and unless you have a general background, it can be difficult to pinpoint the problem. What maybe people don’t give an account for is the air ducts. Air ducts are responsible for channeling the adjusted air into the various rooms of your home or business. If there were faults in the installation, or wildlife creating problems, or simple wear and tear, your ducts could be the underlining problem with your HVAC system.

NY NJ A/C Connection relate a handful of the most common air duct problems.

1. Insufficiently Designed Air Duct Systems. Throughout the U.S. the National Comfort Institute statistics show that 57% of air duct problems are included in our list, but the number one problem by far is in adequate air duct designs. Despite having properly sized and top premium air conditioning units and heaters, the improper design of the air duct is so poorly executed; it can’t deliver the required airflow of cool or warm air through your home or business.
2. Air Duct Leaks. When it comes to superior efficiency, the average home actually loses anywhere between 20% and 40% of the air flow through leaks in the duct work, causing insufficient warmth and cooling within your home. Getting a professional duct sealing service can greatly reduce the leaks in your home, giving your HVAC system higher efficiency, and to keep your air conditioning unit or heater from working over time. Along with better air flow, the indoor air quality can be improved by repairing the leaks. Because of leaks, much of the outdoor pollutants are being circulated into your home, creating poor indoor air quality.
3. Improperly Sealed Air Registers & Grills. Much of your processed air can escape before it enters the rooms because the registers and grills were improperly sealed, or if they have loosened. The air being lost is the treated air you already paid for, making this issue appalling and a major annoyance.
4. Faulty Insulated Flexible Plastic Air Ducts. The insulated flexible plastic air ducts are getting increasingly properly in newer homes. However, it can be easily torn, twisted, crushed or kinked during the installation process. Inspect your ducts in the attic; if you find these problems, they are a major contributor to insufficient air flow causing your entire HVAC system to work harder adding undo strain.
5. Air Ducts Lacking Sufficient Insulation. Your treated air can not only escape through the leaks within the air duct system, but also due to improper insulation. If your ducts do not have the right insulation, your HVAC system efficiency is not up to par.
6. Dirty Air Ducts. Filthy air ducts can lead to obstructions. The filth that gets trapped in your air ducts contributes to poor air quality, insufficient air flow and poor efficiency. It is recommended that you get them cleaned every 3-5 years. The reasons you should do it sooner are: 1) a recent remodel, 2) smokers and pets are in the house, 3) if mold has been discovered anywhere in your outside your home, and 4) if there are residents in the home that suffer from frequent and severe allergies, frequent and severe asthma attacks, and those with a week respiratory system.

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