Central Air Conditioner Making Loud Buzzing or Squealing Noises in Manhattan, NY

Your air conditioning unit is an appliance that has been manufactured to work efficiently to cool your home. It has many working parts that when in good condition it will do its job unnoticed. When the weather starts to warm up the unit is going to kick into high gear to try and keep the house cooled off. If the unit stops working all together you know there is something wrong that needs to be addressed. This can be a minor or major repair that needs to be done by a professional HVAC company. If there was a way to avoid the unit from going all the way out you would probably pay attention. The interesting thing about it is there are some warning signs that you can look for. They are sounds that your AC unit should not be making and if they are it could mean damage or repairs are needed.

NY NJ AC Connection Lists Air Conditioning Sounds You Need to Be Concerned About

Air Conditioner Compressor is Making A Buzzing Noise: If you go outside to look at the part of the unit that is often near the side of the home you might hear a buzzing noise. If you have a hive of bees nearby it could be that but it could also be from the unit itself. There is one easy fix for this problem that can be done simply. Often debris will get stuck around the exterior of the unit and that can vibrate on the metal casing. This can be remedied by removing the piece of debris away from the area. The other reason that your unit might make a buzzing noise is from the electrical wiring. If the wiring is not in good condition there could be problems that cause the unit to make a noise. This is a much more important problem to have looked at by a professional as soon as possible.
AC Unit Is Making A High Pitched Squealing Sound: This can be one of the most obnoxious noises to make and if your unit is squealing away outside you will probably take notice. The noise is a sound that should be addressed to ensure there is not a larger issue to come. The squealing is usually from a belt that has become loose or damaged. The unit has a fan belt that helps to rotate the blades and cool the unit so that is can run efficiently. You can have the belt replaced and stop the squealing right away.
Air Conditioner Hissing: If you are noticing that when the unit is running or even when it is not that there is a hissing sound, you have one of two issues. The hissing is usually because there is some kind of air that is leaking out of a small gap or hole. One area that can be damaged and leak is the coils. These coils are where the coolant or refrigerant runs to help cool the air that is then sent to your home. If the coil is damaged you might hear the refrigerant leaking out in the sound of a hiss. The other area is in the air duct that sends the air from the unit to each room in your home. These can both be repaired or replaced by a professional that has the tools and expertise to do it right.

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