Central AC Unit Tripping Breaker in Manhattan, NY? Your Air Conditioning System May Need Major Repairs!

Like most people, the switch from using your heater to air conditioner has arrived. The spring season is upon us and that means warmer temperatures. The warmer the weather the more likely people are to turn on the central AC. When you go to turn it on you want to be sure that it is maintained as well as any repairs done before. If you turn it on only to find that is keeps tripping the breaker you need to know why. The breaker will trip and when it does the air conditioning unit will not work until it is switched back on. The electricity that is required to run the unit has been interrupted and needs to be switched back to allow the current to flow. It is a good idea to know what could be causing this.

NY NJ A/C Connection Lists Reasons Your Central AC Unit Could Be Tripping The Breaker.

Central AC Motor Has a Short in it: The motor is going to be pulling electricity from your homes source to run the unit. The motor has been manufactured to take a lot of abuse and to run for hours without problem. Although that is true the older the motor is the more wear and tear you will find. A short happens when the wires become damaged and the electricity take a shortcut or bypasses the regular route it would have normally taken. When this happens the amount of heat that is generated is substantial and can lead to damage and even a fire. The great thing about that is your home is outfitted with a circuit breaker that will stop the flow of electricity when there is a big spike.
Central Air Conditioning Compressor is Hard Starting: The motor is a big part of the AC unit but a bigger and even more important part is the compressor. The compressor pulls a lot of energy when it has to start. That is fine when the compressor works well and is fairly new but the older it gets, the harder it has to work to start. When this occurs it is what is referred to as hard starting. When this starts to happen the compressor pulls too much electricity and will trip the breaker. This can be repaired by having a technician from an HVAC company that will make the repair.
Dirty Outside Central AC Unit: The air conditioning unit has a portion that is outdoors and in the elements. That means that the unit can and will get dirty when there is wind, rain and snow. The air that is taken out of the house is the hot air and it needs to be dispersed in the outdoors. When the unit outside is covered in dirt and debris that air has nowhere to be released. That means that it is overloaded and that will then lead to the circuit being tripped. You can eliminate this by cleaning the unit outdoors and removing debris and dirt.

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