Can Hear Your Furnace Click on But it Does Not Fire Up, Light or Turn On in Washington Heights, NY?

When your furnace fails to start, the inside of the home can become very cold, very quickly. Having no heat in the middle of an east coast winter can be devastating. When your furnace fails to start it is often due to an ignition failure. When the furnace fails to ignite, the entire heating system will come to a full stop. When a furnace fails to ignite, it can be due to a few issues. NY NC AC Connection will cover some of the common issues that can prevent a furnace from properly igniting.

Furnace Gas Line Supply

Other than an electronic furnace, a furnace is fueled by natural gas, propane gas, or LP gas. If there is a problem in the fuel supply line, then the furnace will fail to ignite. For those who have a gas fuel furnace, you may need to check with the gas supply company to see if they have shut if off for maintenance or other reasons. For gas to suddenly be interrupted, often the city is involved. However, if you have a gas leak in your supply line this can be a very dangerous situation which you will need to seek professional help for. Propane or LP gas is in a tank and the tank will have a gauge letting the homeowner know if the gas is gone or is too low to light the ignition system. You can easily check the gauge, often you have simply run out of propane and it needs to be refilled

Home Air Filter Replacement

A gas furnace is often a mixture of air and gas. If there is an air flow restriction issue in the system, the furnace will fail to ignite. In many cases, a gas furnace will fail to ignite simply due to dirty air filters. Air filters are extremely under rated and the effect they have on the heat and cooling system. However, a dirty air filter can have a significant effect on the HVAC system. Always remember to change them out every few months and the internal furnace filter at least once a year.

Furnace Ignition Control Module Troubleshooting

There are different types of ignition systems. The two most common types are a pilot light and an electronic furnace ignition. Yes, even a gas furnace will have an electronic ignition system. Depending on the type of ignition system your model of furnace uses, they each can have their own set of issues. A pilot light is a small flame which starts the burners. If the pilot light goes out it may need to be re-lit. Or the pilot can become corroded and need to be cleaned or replaced. An electronic ignition system is a metal alloy that becomes super-heated. As it heats up, it will glow. If the metal fails to heat up, the ignition system has failed. This could be due to a tripped circuit or the ignition system may need to be replaced. A professional HVAC technician can diagnose the ignition system of your furnace and see if that is the problem.

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