Boiler Preventative Maintenance Efficiency & Care Tips in Manhattan New York

Boilers are a very important appliance to keep well maintained for efficiency. They are fundamental for our hot water supply and a home’s warming needs. For convenience and comfort, these appliances are a must for our homes. Regular boiler maintenance can ward off costly repairs, or even too soon replacements. Maintenance will avert accidents and encourage safety. Boilers that are well maintained also promote efficiency and can extend the average lifespan.

NY NJ A/C Connection would like to offer some maintenance tips to encourage the benefits of a properly cared for boiler.

Inspect Air Vents and Flues: Blocked air vents hinder a boilers performance, especially gas operated boilers. Dirt and other debris can build up on the vents or flues that result in a clog. If upon inspection you find the buildup, give it a good cleaning.
Check Water Levels: It is prudent to check the water levels every two weeks or so. If a boilers tries to function without water, severe, irreversible damage may make repairing impossible, and lead to replacing your boiler all too soon. Not only can damage develop, but it could lead to safety hazards in your home. If the levels are below the minimum amount, a few adjustments might need to be made. If you are unfamiliar with boilers, hire a professional from NY NJ A/C Connection to inspect the water levels and make sure everything is running efficiently.
Probe for Leaks: Fuel could have a soft leak during operation, which can be normal and simple fixes could stop the leaks. However, if your boiler is leaking where parts are deteriorating, call a trained technician from NY NJ A/C Connection to get replacement parts and have your boiler repaired.
Lime Scale: When hard water is excessive, lime-scale can buildup in the boiler. Too much lime-scale buildup can make your boiler work poorly. If left unchecked and unattended, the buildup will hinder the heating capability. If you should notice a lime-scale build up, simply de-scale your boiler.
Lubricate: Your mechanical system needs to be regularly lubricated for smooth operation. The fan and pumps need the most attention.
Keep Dust Away: Because of the natural function of a boiler, dust is easily produced. Keep the dust clear of all parts. The fan in particular, is usually the culprit in dust accumulation.
Flush the Water: A few times a year, it is a good practice to flush the water from our system. After winter is the best time of year to conduct a flush after the boiler has been working at high capacity. Flushing out the water periodically will remove dirt, lime-scale buildup, and other filth. Before refilling your boiler, replace the gaskets.
Annual Checks: Having an annual checkup conducted by an expert can help prevent serious problems from happening, and keep your boiler serviceable. NY NJ A/C Connection can inspect your boiler among our many services. Contact us today!

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